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Entering Collective Memory at the Seoul Institute of the Arts

Exactly two months have passed since I first arrived to Korea. Since then, it has been a process of finding the contours of what’s right to wrong, and gradually shading the ambiguities in between.

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[Interview] Somu’s Mask and New Mythos for the Metaverse

TELL US ABOUT WHAT YOU WORKED ON IN THE CULTUREHUB RESIDENCY. WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE CULTUREHUB LA STUDIO? During my residency, I developed an essay and performance venue in webXR. I wanted to create a new type of engagement with “the metaverse,” both as an idea and a 3D space. With both the…

Travel Notes from Kumasi and the Greater Accra Region

Photo by Fati Abubakar Three years ago, I was in Accra, Ghana to film The (In)visible Organ documentary. At that time it was May, and I was busy praying my new Sony a6500 would be able to record 30+ min. interviews in the heat. I’d be capturing B-Roll in crowded hospital hallways or churches in…

On writing

The past few weeks have been a battle between myself and my words. I’m working on another essay. This time, I want to be fully read– or, at least, legible — seen, heard, my point unmistakably clear. For the past few months since starting the Phd program, I feel that I had been flailing my…

Press: “탈춤과 VR의 융합, 전통 예술의 가상 세계화를 꿈꾸다! 풀브라이트 연구 장학생 안드레아 신영 킴 인터뷰”

“안드레아 신영 킴은 가상성 구현과 기술에 중점을 둔 연구자이자 멀티미디어 아티스트인데요! 안드레아 신영 킴은 디아스포라나 여성, 공동 창작에 대해 관심을 두고 연구를 진행해왔습니다. 2020년 6월에는 <(In)visible Organ (보이지 않는 장기)>라는 50분 짜리 다큐를 제작하여 우리가 잘 알지 못했던 ‘자궁경부암’에 대해 밝히고 의문을 제기하기도 했습니다…” Full interview text:


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