Film / Education

My documentary arts education practice is informed by co-creation methodologies and participatory education. I have worked with communities of Duke university students and faculty, artists in Durham, nurses at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital in Ghana, high school students from Rabat, Morocco, the U.S. Embassy in Rabat, Attawassol Association in Morocco, and secondary schools in Arusha, Tanzania.

Reproductive Health Education through the Arts

As a creative director of the transmedia (In)visible Organ project and Research Associate at the Center for Global Women’s Health Technologies, I worked with a team of research scientists, engineers, documentarians, artists, and humanities scholars to co-design an arts education campaign with components ranging from an arts exhibit, community workshops, web series, a documentary film, and more.

STEM Education through the Arts and Design-Thinking

In partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Rabat as part of the Moonshot Morocco initiative to empower Moroccan youth to become leaders in STEM, I co-organized a summer camp with the non-profit organization Attawassol in which students learned fundamental circuitry concepts by building a flashlight from scratch.

Literacy Through Photography Project

Literacy Through Photography is a learner-centered and participatory teaching methodology that engages students’ imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills. LTP lessons allow students to learn by doing, construct their own knowledge, teach one another, and connect learning to real life. The LTP program has been in Arusha for 10+ years. I helped prepare and teach LTP workshops, organized exhibition of student work for 5+ schools, filmed and edited promotional videos, and worked with secondary students to write, rehearse, and perform theatre.